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Curriculum Vitae





Artist Statement


Printmaking has always been a special medium to me. I have found inspiration in my surroundings. I also enjoy drawing, which strongly influences the two techniques involved when I dream compositions, envision spaces and feel surfaces: woodcut and lithography. The woodcut is the technique through which I have reinvented myself, maybe because of the urge to wrestle something - working against the grain being a dialogue, miraculously balanced by the spectacular results in the quality and accuracy of the cut. What a wandering and then what a comeback among woodblocks and Japanese paper whiter than white in contrast with the black of the ink. Many of my prints depict the garden, the imaginary island, the ark or the solitary hills I was never able to conquer. The old wood blocks lay quiet and tidy on a shelf, waiting for a sign. Only the hands are tireless; they toil, the same as when I was living on the other side of the ocean, above the new wood blocks, lengthy polished with patience and steady believe in tomorrow. I know that tomorrow I will be printing (by hand), centimeter by centimeter, a series of new woodcuts that will travel the world telling stories.